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Data requirements for EUREQUO

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In order to be exported successfully your data set must contain at least the following mandatory fields and satisfy certain coding conditions.



Mandatory fields to be entered:

Patient ID Number
Date of birth (year only)
Eye (OS or OD)


PreOp Manifest Refraction (sph, cyl, axis)
Target Refraction (sph, cyl, axis)


Date of surgery
'Type of Surgery' (primary, enhancement, secondary)
Surgical Method (LASIK, LASEK, PRK, FS-LASIK -- Datagraph field name Surgery Type)
Corneal and Intraocular complications if occured.


Date of postOP Exam
postOP manifest Refraction
postOP complications if exist


in case of presbyopic surgery: near UCVA/BCVA and near Refraction



Optional fields which are exported:

Ethnic group
preOP BCVA and Refraction of the fellow eye
in case of Presbyopic surgery - preOP near refraction



In order to be exported correctly your list of complication categories must match the Eurequo definition. Use the Eurequo option in the defaults setting menu on the complications tab.





You may re-export and overwrite data unless you manually edited and/or finalized the data in the Eurequo Web User interface.


The content of other Datagraph fields has not influence on the Eurequo export and may filled out or left empty.